How to open an online store with Happiness is...

The lovely and talented Fathima of Happiness is… has recently done a great post on the ins and outs involved in opening an online store.

As a part of the Creative Business Series kicked off by Caitlyn de Beer, Fatima acknowledges that t’s all quite a bit to consider, and we also offered some advice on how to (hopefully) make the ecommerce gauntlet seem less daunting, and break it down into manageable pieces.

We love this initiative, and are really inspired by all the ladies contributing to the series. It’s a phenomenal line up, and I highly suggest checking it out - you will undoubtedly walk away feeling inspired!

For this reason, we are offering all you creative business owners two free months on our Standard selling plan!  Check out the post over here for all of the details - we can’t wait to help you in your creative business journey!

And with that I wish you all a happy and creative Wednesday!

Leathers by The Sleeveless Garden

The design scene in Thailand is hopping. I think the rest of the world doesn’t realise it, thanks largely to the fact that the designer knock-off scene is also hopping and overshadows it.

The Sleeveless Garden is a Thai brand that is, from what I can gather, quite new. They make stunning, fine-quality hand crafted bags and other leathers, though it was their nude satchel that caught my eye.

I found these guys at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, and they also have a store. Fashionistas planning a trip to Bangkok, take note!

Have a look at their website here and show them some Facebook love here.

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