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We have a weekly newsletter called Pretty Cool. Did you know? It goes out once a week, and has only pretty pictures in it.

Leading up to festive season we'll be featuring a lot of promotions and sales, and products grouped by price so that you can easily find what you're looking for, whether it's a secret santa gift, or something special for your fiancé.

Below is a taste of some things that were featured in last week's newsletter showcasing stuff that's on sale, and the picture beneath is a selection from this week's newsletter, Florals & Botanicals.


September features update for Hello Pretty's designers.

Hello Pretty frequently sends out an update to let our designers know what's cooking, what's new on the site and where to find it.

This is the update email for September.

Hello designfriends!

We've been doing all of the things since we last messaged you. And that's a lot of things. Here are some of them:

1. Our fancy new image system has polished up your photos to make them crisper & brighter.
2. We have nifty forums for you guys to share information or get help from the Hello Pretty community. Or, tell someone that you have a crush on them. Go on and make it your own.

That's right - shoppers from around the world can now view an item's prices in South African Rand as well as four other major currencies. BOOM.

More than a third of the visitors to Hello Pretty are outside of South Africa. That's a lot. Really a lot. So if you haven't yet, set your international shipping prices.

You may have noticed that people now message you, and send shipping requests, directly from your store. Which is pretty cool because we've had a lot of international sales as a result (do we really have to bring up the international shipping thing again? ;) ).

Have you had anything exciting come about via the in-site messaging? Tell us about it! We'd love to hear.

Data is your friend! Scott, our in-house developer genius, has built you some butt-kicking month-end reports.

They tell you about your sales for both the current month and the entire duration that you've been on the site, your most viewed products, what countries the people viewing your store are from (set your international shipping!) and more things. These are still in their test phase, so if you notice anything that looks odd let us know.

All good things must come to an end, sadly, and that end for the Seller referral system is on the last day of August. Some of you have earned yourself enough free upgrades through this to pay Beyoncé's salary for a year. Dang.

You can still get in on that action though - you'll get a free month for you and for the designer you refer, so long as they apply before 7 September.

From the 1st of September you can run a giveaway through Hello Pretty for R350. We've built up a superduper following on our social media: just under 30 000 on Facebook, 5 500 on Twitter, 3 500 on Instagram, and 3 700 on Pinterest. So you'll get decent bang for your buck.

Huh?? Why does this cost money?! Well, we're a very little team. Running a giveaway takes at least a full day of our time. And we spend cash money on promoting our social media posts about you.

Giveaways are fortnightly. If you're into it, drop us a line.
Right. That's enough words for now. Thanks for supporting Hello Pretty. We love you guys and what you do.

Until next time!
The Hello Pretty Team.

April features update for Hello Pretty's designers.

Hello Pretty frequently sends out an update to let our designers know what's cooking, what's new on the site and where to find it.

This is the update email for April.

And just like that, it's April. Easter's around the corner, but unlike the bunny, we won't make you hunt for your treats, because who has the time?

Whoa, you guys. S*** just got real. We've introduced a third plan to cater for those of you who've found that you don't have enough hours in the day to keep up with the admin.

The Serious Plan includes product management, advertising on Hello Pretty, and more. Whaaat. Find out more here.

If you want in, we're offering a berzerk 50% discount off the purchase of a 3 month bundle for the Serious plan purchased in April.
We're privileged, and beyond excited, to have the crazy smart & ridiculously good-looking Menno writing a series of articles for us on our blog. He's dishing out wisdom on running your small business & how to get the most out of your brand. Have a look at his first article, Start a mailing list - build relationships - make more sales.

Buyer FAQs / Help Page
This doesn't strictly concern you guys, but we're guessing you also have to deal with shoppers asking questions you've answered a zillion times before. If customers have a question about their purchase on Hello Pretty, point them to the shopper FAQ here:

R6 price increase from DCB
Inflation. It's not just for balloons. The cost of DCB's courier services has increased by R6 to R86. As always, the entire cost goes directly to DCB - we don't add anything on for ourselves. You don't pay costs or commission on courier fees when a customer uses the courier option. If you're new here, have a look at this help page where we explain how the integrated courier system works.

Customers like using this option, so please consider making use of it.

International shipping. Again. #sorrynotsorry
No monthly update mail is complete without the part where we get on your case! :-)

Over a third of Hello Pretty's (quite impressive, if we say so ourselves) website traffic is from overseas shoppers. You're costing yourself sales if you haven't filled in international postage options (not to mention frustrating customers into leaving the website). If you don't know what to charge to post your pretty things overseas, we lay it all out very clearly on this page. Please make sure you offer international postage options. The SA Post Office is good for this, and in many cases it might not cost more than R50 or so.
Until next time!
The Hello Pretty / Hello Man Team.

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