Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Ads

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Ads

Staff picks time! Today we have the lovely and talented Ads, and what she would like you all to gift her with this Christmas:

"Having to choose these was simultaneously ridiculously easy and incredibly hard. I've got a list as long as my arm of things I want from Hello Pretty, so finding items was a piece of cake - narrowing that list down to a mere ten was torture!

I just moved into a new apartment that I got to decorate from scratch, and it's been really interesting seeing which recurring themes and colourways emerge. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals and then throw in a fun print, or a pop of colour or gold. These things were chosen because I already know exactly where I'll put them in my new place - and don't worry, they'll feel right at home with my already sizeable collection of other items from the site!"

Stunning! Which is your favourite?

Pack it up

Be the king of the swingers with this amazing backpack from Five Past Five. It's hand crafted, hand stitched, and hands down the best looking backpack I've ever seen. Plus, its sturdy sides and geometric shape are perfect for your laptop. Get yours here.

We featured this item in our newsletter this week, along with a curated collection of our favourite bags, sleeves, and covers for those all-important pieces of tech in your lives. There's a new theme every week, so if you'd like to be kept in the loop, sign up below!

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sara

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sara

It's staff picks time! You should all be getting to know us quite well by now - well, well enough to know what to buy us for our birthdays.

Today we have numbers person Sara picking out what she would most like you to gift her with:

"Much like our fellow Pretty, Lee, I too love the geometrics and the monochromatic. In complement, I of course love any clean, contemporary living space with peeks of warm neutrals and untouched wood. But to keep things comfy, I like to splash specks of crazy colour in the form of quirky decor and illustrations. As for my fashion pieces, I like it simple and smart paired with cool accessories."

Naaice. What would you pick?

Tree-themed treats

I have a huge weakness for pretty cushions, and this one is no different. iSpy's cushion covers are all screen printed by hand and this one's bright, Scandi-inspired print is my favourite. It comes in two different colourways - the one you see here in blue and coral, and an equally delightful coral and pink version.

We featured this item in our newsletter this week, along with a curated collection of our favourite items using trees as a motif. There's a new theme every week, so if you'd like to be kept in the loop, sign up below!

3D printed cityscape shells

3D printed cityscape shells on Hello Pretty

We stumbled upon this amazing post on boredpanda recently, which is just too gorgeous not to share - Japanese artist Aki Inomata has printed out 3D, clear plastic shells covered in mini cities for hermit crabs.

According to boredpanda, 'Hermit crabs usually inhabit vacated snail shells, but in their absence, they’ve been known to inhabit pieces of wood, stone or plastic, so their “partnership” with Inomata isn’t all that strange. Instead of their usual shells, Inomata provided them with tiny works of art to carry on their backs. The series is aptly titled “Why Not Hand Over a ‘Shelter’ to Hermit Crabs?”'

3D printed cityscape shells on Hello Pretty
3D printed cityscape shells on Hello Pretty
3D printed cityscape shells on Hello Pretty
3D printed cityscape shells on Hello Pretty
3D printed cityscape shells on Hello Pretty

The cityscapes include New York, Zaanse Schans, Thailand, Santorini, Honfuer and Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou. Check out the video showing how they're created and how the hermit crabs moved into their new homes:

Pretty right? I kind of want one!

Studio Visit to Leg Studios

If you were to ask us what we like better - good design or good coffee, we'd find it extremely hard to give you an answer. Thankfully, when we invited ourselves round to Leg Studios, we didn't have to choose!

Leon, Giulia, and Tim have created a bright, busy, and welcoming space with something delightful to look at every way you turn.

Leon Erasmus, Giulia Odendaal, and Tim Richert of Leg Studios

Their studio (in the Salt Circle Arcade) is part office, part store, part experimental and creative space. Along with the beautiful Leg products we know and love, they've also selected a handful of items from some local design favourites, and engaged in collaborations with others - see if you can spot them!

The team made us some superlative coffee, and offered us pastries - which means that they're now basically our favourite people on earth. Conversation covered everything from their background in installation design to what makes their creative engines tick, with a few detours discussing boarding schools, impulse purchases, travel, and more.


We were also lucky enough to be allowed a first look at one of their brand new designs - a concrete version of their beautiful butcher block table. Naturally, I fell head over heels in love with it. The only thing stopping me from trying to sneak it out the studio in my handbag was the fact that being concrete, it would take a little more muscle power than I had to spare.

Thanks again, Leg team, for allowing us to invade your studio (and for the coffee and pastries - nom!). We'll definitely be back for another visit - I'll just need to bring a bigger bag for that table...
You can see the rest of the snaps from our visit here.

If you've just found out about Leg Studios for the first time, you can check out their fantastic designs in their Hello Pretty store, and stay in touch with them on Facebook.

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sam

Hello Pretty Staff Picks: Sam

"All of the items on my list are simple in their designs, but with a lot of personality. And I appreciate how difficult it is to make something "simple."

That bed is an item of great beauty. Just look at it. And given my propensity to have more things than space, I just love that their underbed storage actually looks beautiful rather than utilitarian.

As for that cat cushion, well, it's a cat. What more reason could one need?

The Civetta Spark bracelet I want so that I can wear it and feel like one of the first-class passengers in the Titanic (but without the deathly ending).

I no longer need to covet the wine rack because I just went ahead and bought one last week. Yay. It is yellow, and fun, and superb quality.

I have a fixation on creative and beautiful bookshelves (I dare you to try and drag me away from and Simpli Decor's shelves are unlike anything I've ever seen. Even on the internets. One day when we move out of our shoebox and have high ceilings and sweeping open spaces I'll fill a wall with them.

Sandy's plates I fell in love with from the moment I first saw them. Just look at them! They're incredible! All of her work is.

I hate walls being wasted with emptiness when they could be filled with beautiful things. Lynsey-Anne's photo is so delicate and lovely, and Lillian Fairall's balloon dog is the cutest, quirkiest thing ever. I must have him."

There you have it! What are your favourites?


I can't even tell you how much joy this brings me. I get a chuckle every time I look at it, and it's on my list of must-haves for my new apartment. This beauty is by Runny Babbit, who actually does custom requests as well, so you can let your imagination run wild! If you want this one specifically (and why wouldn't you), you can get it here

We featured this item in our newsletter this week, along with a curated collection of our favourite knitted, crocheted, and cross-stitched items from the site. There's a new theme every week, so if you'd like to be kept in the loop, sign up below!

Hello Pretty at the Smeg WDC2014 Event

We were recently invited to paint the town yellow with Smeg and WDC2014, and since we've been all about the #dailyyellow this year, we obviously couldn't say no. With the dress code requiring a touch of yellow, and the invite hinting at a special unveiling done by Smeg CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni, we were all kinds of excited when we made our way to the brand new Smeg showroom on Strand Street.

The Italians know how to do things in style, and this evening was no exception. Prosecco and beautiful people were in abundant supply - as were some extremely liberal interpretations of the dress code!

But if we're honest, the highlight of the evening was the ENORMOUS wheel of Parmesan made for and at the Smeg family farm. This meant two things: Amazing truffle risotto made and served inside the wheel of cheese; and that I have a new life ambition (have my own Parmesan that's made on my farm in Italy).

And there it is! The limited edition WDC yello Smeg Fiat. With a belly full of Peroni, naturally. Here's the official video from the evening which includes some of the speeches made (and bonus cameos by two of Team HP).

This picture of Scott going to town on the frozen yoghurt and macarons pretty much sums up the evening perfectly: Great food, great company, great design. Many thanks to Smeg and WDC2014! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to start looking for my Italian farm. My Parmesan's not going to make itself.

Win with LO and Hello Pretty!

Remember when we were fancy ladies at MBFWCT? And remember when we absolutely swooned over the SS14/15 collection from LO? And remember when you absolutely fell in love with this amazing thing?

Well, hold on to your hats, because the LOvely and very generous Elzanne from LO has decreed that since it's Women's Month, one lucky lady gets to win this amazing piece, straight from the runway. Can you even deal?! We certainly can't.

So, in the spirit of girl power, we'd like you to nominate who you think would make the perfect "Woman in the Red Dress" - friend, girlfriend, family, anybody!​

  • Like Hello Pretty and LO on Facebook
  • Nominate your Woman in the Red Dress by tagging them in a comment on this post.
  • Get an entry extra when you tag @HelloPrettySA and your nominee on Twitter or Instagram*
  • Nominate more than one person - just tag them in separate comment or tweet!
  • And get an extra entry by leaving a second comment telling us which is your favourite piece from the LO Hello Pretty store.

Basically, we've just given you half a dozen ways to make a special woman's day. So what are you waiting for?

This gorgeous frock is made from linen and silk voile and is a one-off piece straight from the runway. It comfortably fits a size 34/medium. The winner will get this exact piece, in this size. Entries close at midday on Friday 29th August. Hello Pretty's standard competition Ts and Cs apply.
* Please note that only one comment or tag per channel per nominee will be counted.


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