Pretty Personal with Elzanne Louw

A woman after Team HP’s heart, Elzanne Louw was drinking wine while we had this interview. She’s just wrapped up her Spring/Summer collection (look how pretty!) and took some time to spill the beans on how she came to create Lo, one of our favourite brands, which has been with us since the very beginning!

  1. Hel”Lo” Zani! Tell us a little about yourself.
    I’m a compulsive maker of things, always have been, and used to drive my mother nuts as a child with impulsive projects which often involved a big mess. But I get a lot of satisfaction from my work because fashion is ever evolving and all about self expression. I guess it was a match made in heaven.
  2. You must have had some of the best dressed Barbies in town! So, you knew you wanted to do this ever since you were a kid?
    I always knew that I wanted to build something really big, and in 2011 I realised that something big was my own small business. I have deep roots in the so-called creative industry and have always yearned for a career which would satisfy both my artistic needs and my suppressed inner geek. Lo was the inevitable result and I hope to grow this little fashion business into a viable contributor to the South African economy.
  3. That’s a philosophy we really love. And you? What sort of things do you “Lo”ve?
    I LOve my inner geek because she has taught me a lot myself and what I am capable of.
    I LOve when people use their brains to help other people.
    And I really really really LOve Hello Pretty :)
  4. Aw, shucks, you’re gonna make us blush! Speaking of Hello Pretty, tell us about the “Lo”vely things we can find in your store?
    I always say to people that I want to make that one item of clothing that has been in your cupboard for years. That go-to item, that just seems to be perfect for every occasion. You know, the one that you have worn to death…The one with the holes and stains which was demoted to home-wear two years ago but you still LOve it too much to let it go (and let’s face it you still wear it out every now and then). I hope to make clothes with longevity and clothes that women LOve to wear.
  5. Ah, going out in jammies - one of our guilty pleasures. What’s yours?
    Gettin my NAILZ DID with my friend Wendz! DUH :) The more glitter the better. Hehehe.

We also love gettin’ our nails did! (Even Scott, although he won’t admit it.) For her stunning S/S line and even more pretty things, check out Lo’s Hello Pretty store, and get in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

We Are Messengers designs

Now ladies, in this Age of Craft, who doesn’t love a good ceramic somethingsomething and a pretty piece of stationery?

On browsing around IDSWest a while back, I came across the work of We Are Messengers - Alex and Iwona run the design studio, and created a craftier side business named after themselves to go with it.  Under the Alex and Iwona brand they created stunning illustrated ceramics, stationery and jewellery to be sold at various shows and markets, which are COMPLETELY lustworthy.

Gorgeous, no?  I’m just dying over those necklaces.  You go Alex and Iwona!

Silver Spoon Clothing on SALE

Pretties, we have an amazing job.  We get to deal with some of the most talented people that this country has to offer. In the wake of Heritage Day, I have to say that we are just so darn proud of them, and of South African design in general.  It’s an exciting position to be in.

One brand that needs attention paid to it, is undoubtedly Silver Spoon.  This husband and wife team have been in the game for a while and have been invaluable mentors to us.

The interwebs would have you know that Stephanie has been awarded Best Technical Design Award for her range “Little Obsessions and Childhood Recollections”. First Prize for a Couture outfit was also handed to her and she received a R10 000 bursary. Dieter was chosen as one of South Africa’s Best Young Male Designers by Mohair South Africa; an outfit he designed for them was shown on ramp at SA’s fashion week in Johannesburg in 2005.  Can you spell Dream Team?

Not only are they brilliant and massively qualified - they are extremely generous with their time, knowledge and experience, and even equipment  - they actively champion young industry people and help where ever they can.

It was with great pride that I spent Braai Day in one of their dresses - it was just the prettiest, flowiest dress, and I felt great in it - Stephanie knows how to make a lady feel good about herself!

They are having a phenomenal sale on their Hello Pretty store page.  After proudly representing them and others at the SAFW Pop Up Shop  we can vouch for the quality of the clothing - ladies, the PU pencil skirt.  It’s like a Wonderbra for your behind - I’ve never quite seen anything like it!

Go on.  You totally deserve it.

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Win with Hello Pretty and Glove Jewellery!

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you could have one of these amazing Glove Jewellery rings?

f Mzansi has a special place in your heart, then one of these beautiful Love Africa rings deserves a special place on your hand. Heritage Day is coming up next week, and you could win the ring of your choice - silver, brass, or copper:To Enter:

  1. Like Glove Jewellery on Facebook
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us what you love about SA!
  3. Get extra votes by sharing this post and tagging us on Facebook and Twitter.

Glove Jewellery makes beautiful jewellery pieces with lots of gLovely local influences. She hearts everything about SA, and we heart her designs. Check out our interview with Janine here here.

Pretty Personal with Janine Esterhuizen

Like a hand to a perfectly made glove, so is the story of Janine and Glove Jewellery. Sometimes, when you find something that’s just right, you just know. Janine’s (g)love of SA combines with an eye for beautiful silverwork to create pieces you’ll want to wear forever.

  1. Hello Janine! So, what’s your deal?
    Hello Pretties!  I grew up in the beautiful Eastern Cape. I only moved to Cape Town in 2001, which I absolutely love!  This is home now.  I stay in a beautiful part of Cape Town not known to many called Mikpunt.  It’s a small holding area just outside Durbanville. Here I feel so closed to nature but still have the luxury of living close to town. 
    While I was in high school I always knew I wanted to do something creative.  But never ever knew what. Unfortunately we did not have art in school so I could not even explore the possibilities there.  Well, one afternoon 2 weeks before I write my last subject in Matric, my best friend and now bridesmaid asked me what I am going to do next year.  I had no idea…so, I asked her what she is going to do…her answer changed my life!  She continued by telling me she is going to study Jewellery Design and Manufacture at the college in our town.  I thought that was an amazing thing to go study and so the next day I drove to the same college and enrolled in the jewellery course.  So, I started studying jewellery design and manufacturing in 1999.  I finished the course there and decided it’s not enough.  I wanted to come to Cape Town and study further!  So, I carried on studying till 2005 and ended up with a degree in jewellery design and manufacturing.
  2. It must have been fate! And how did you go from there to Glove Jewellery?
    When I decided to do my degree I had to find a topic.  I always loved fashion and if I hadn’t gotten the idea to study jewellery I probably would’ve done fashion design.  Anyhow, I thought jewellery and apparel design should work together as a collective and compliment each other rather than try to outshine each another.  So I found a wonderful boutique that was situated in Kloof Street to do my study with.  Then, I had to find a name for my brand. After thinking long and hard I thought of Glove, an accessory to fashion - the perfect name for my brand! And so, Glove Jewellery was established in 2005.  


  3. That’s a really great back story. So, aside from fashion, what else do you “Glove”?
    SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER!  Is it here yet? (Ed. note: Sadly not. *goes to drown sorrows in a vat of hot chocolate.)
    I absolutely glove summer!  It makes me feel happy and inspired.  There’s so much more to do…like walk on the beach, or lie on it, and swim in the sea…well ok, I glove the sea too. 
    Personally I don’t think there is much that makes me feel as happy as doing what I love!  I love making new jewellery and hearing the response at my little market stall every weekend.  At the moment I eat, sleep and live gLove.  I have a great support system in my life (my fiancé), and don’t think I would be able to do it without him.


  4. Speaking of jewellery, tell us about the gLovely things you make?
    I lived in the UK for 2 years. I truly believe without that experience I would not be where I am to day.  Before I left I always made a range of wildflower pendants and earrings.  When I came back from the UK I realised how much I love living in South Africa, and wanted to show it in my work.  So, I started making the South African collection which has 5 wildflowers, 5 icons and 5 animals.  Out of that range also came the Africa ring.  So it’s evolved all on its own. 
    The wire heart rings I make also led to many more pieces.  The heart wire ring came from the idea of creating a South African Claddagh ring.  I just loved the idea of wearing a ring that means something.  And so came all the other little wire rings and shapes I started to make. At the moment I am obsessed with gifts brides can give their wedding party and family. So I have made new little pendants with special messages stamped on them, and then of course the little knot ring.  Such a sweet gift with a little note that says thanks for helping me tie the knot.


  5. Ah, what a great idea. By the way, ever since I started planning this interview, I’ve been singing along to songs by replacing the word “love” with “glove”. Do you ever do that?

    Bahahaha!  Not yet…but I think that is a great idea!  I do change the work love to glove a lot when I write and when I speak.  Here are some funny examples:

    • Spread the Glove
    • No, Glove No Love
    • Lots of Glove

    I love the wordplay. It’s also sweet to hear other variations. A lot of people call it G Heart and always ask what the G stands for. I glove creatives :)

And so do we! You can get all gLoved up with items from their Hello Pretty store, or stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter. And if you’re up bright and early on Monday, we might just have a gLovely little something to give away…

Win with Lovilee and Hello Pretty!

Pretties, I moustache you a very important question: How would you like to win a party pack for 10 people, plus a little extra surprise, from the lovely peeps at Lovilee?

Items by Lovilee & Match Set Love, styling by Yellow Papaya, photography by YSP. See the full shoot here!

We thought you would! They’re giving away either a Moustache Party Kit or a Ribbon Party Kit, each of which will show 10 people a good time. Plus, they’ll throw in a special little secret something as well, which will bring the prize total to R400.

To Enter:

  1. Like Lovilee on Facebook
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d do with the prize if you won.
  3. Get an extra entry by sharing this post on Facebook - tag us and Lovilee!
  4. Get an extra entry by sharing this post on Twitter - tag @helloprettysa and @LovileeDsigns!
  5. Winner announced Friday 13th September

Lovilee makes wonderful and whimsical home, décor, and entertainment products. Check out our interview with her here.

Pretty Personal with Karen Kelly

Lovilee by name, Lovilee by nature. When a passion for entertaining combines with a love of pretty things, the result is Lovilee - a blog turned lifestyle and décor store stocked with all sorts of goodies that’ll make dinner parties delightful, weddings wonderful, and any party perfect.

  1. Hello Karen! So, tell us your “Lovilee” story?
    I’m a creative at heart who loves being surrounded by lovilee things. I’m a wife, a mom, and an online shopping addict that loves the colour purple. I believe that you should do what you love and love what you do! Pretty weddings and parties get my blood flowing, and lovilee décor and home accessories frequently wreck my budget.
  2. An online shopping addict? A woman after our own heart! So, how did Lovilee happen?
    Lovilee as a blog was born three years ago from a simple idea I had to share the projects I was doing in my new house at the time with friends. I became good friends with Melanie Wessels, who captured my wedding, and together we decided to formalise what I had into a wedding and home décor blog. My sister also came aboard and added a kids’ section, and so we became as we are today.

    Subesquently, they both pursued other ventures, making me the main Lovilee author. In June this year I also started Liefste in collaboration with Marinda May. Liefste is the Afrikaans version of Lovilee and aims to showcase proudly Afrikaans weddings, special occasions, shops, and businesses.

    The Lovilee online store started at the end of last year. After researching multiple options, I stumbled across Hello Pretty, applied to be a vendor, and here we are!

  3. And we’re really glad to have you! You’re clearly a very busy lady - where do you get inspiration for all of your projects?
    Hmmm, the two men in my life - my hubby and my little manny - keep me on my toes. I love them to bits.
    I love feeling appreciated, and knowing that I can touch others by bringing a little lovilee into their homes and hearts every day.
  4. Speaking of which, tell us a little more about the Lovilee things you make!
    The Lovilee store currently only stocks handmade or self-designed items. The products reflect little bits of me. I love creating little odds and ends that can make a room special or add a unique touch to an occasion.

    Also, in collaboration with Liezel from Match Set Love, I’ve designed some new party packs that are just FUN!

  5. We saw those! We’re going to rock those moustaches so hard. Bonus question: If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
    At the moment I’m going to have to go with the “Supergirl” cliché …Juggling marriage, raising manny, housework, Lovilee, and my other ventures is proving quite a task…But my woman superpowers keep me going. :)

Get your hands on some Lovilee items of your own from their Hello Pretty store; get your daily dose of eye candy on the blog; and stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and just between the two of us: If you check back here on Monday morning, we might just have a little something Lovilee to give away!

Some SA Fashion Week popup photos

One of Team HP’s favourite things about doing what we do is that it puts us in touch with so many amazing creative people from around the country. And after the SAFW Pop Up Shop, we can confirm that Pretoria is no exception. We were lucky enough to be able to invite some guests to the launch party, and our friends from the I Love Pretoria blog came out to enjoy the evening with us. The lovely Nadine from ILP took some stunning shots of the crowd and the fashion on display. There was bubbly, stylish people, and an all-around great vibe. Not bad, Pretoria. Not bad at all. 

If you want the skinny on what’s happening in PTA, I Love Pretoria has got it. The two lovely lasses who run it are both designers and photographers, so they have a keen eye for pretty things - no wonder we like them! You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

New range from Unwrapped Design

This blog post is late late late. I wrote it lost year, had it on my computer ready to publish, and then spilt tea on my laptop and rendered it useless. And a few weeks back, I got back all my stuff! Happy days. So anyway: this stuff isn’t as new as the rest of the post suggests, but imagine you’re reading it last year sometime if you will :) 

Some new kids on the Unwrapped block, guys! Until a few feeks back, Unwrapped (a popular range that has been on Hello Pretty since just about Day One) sold beautiful printed scatter cushions and tea towels.

And now, they have released something new: intricate, fairytale-like scenes in wall-mounted lights. It’s fantastic to see the range branching outwards in this way, and the little scenes in the lights are so sweet. Mandi Garbman, who is the designer behind Unwrapped, says that her love of early 1900’s Eastern European folk art and tapestries was her source of inspiration for these.

At the same time she’s brought out a new range of geometric and floral scatter cushions.
You can buy all of this online on Hello Pretty (

Win with Touchee Feelee and Hello Pretty!

From Cinderella to Imelda Marcos, every shoe lover knows that a good story starts with great footwear.

We’ve teamed up with Touchee Feelee to give you a way to keep your favourite pair of shoes forever - with a custom illustration of your favourite pair of kicks! Whether they’re well-worn sneakers or sky-high stilettoes, comfy slippers or sports shoes, every pair has a history. Yours could be immortalised by following these simple steps:

To Enter:

  1. Like Touchee Feelee on Facebook
  2. Email a pic of your favourite shoes - guys, you can enter too! (You have until midnight on Thursday 18th July)
  3. Get people to vote for you by liking your photo in our album on Facebook!
  4. The winner will be announced on Monday 22nd July.

Touchee Feelee makes gorgeous home and pamper products, printed with original, hand-drawn art. Being a girl after our own heart, she also loves shoes - almost as much as we love her designs!

Winner announced on Monday 22nd July. Please note that the illustration will be a watercolour done in the artist’s style.


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