Wrap it up

Flower Gift Card by Lauren Fowler

Christmas is almost upon us! We're assuming you've finished your Christmas shopping (you've finished your Christmas shopping, right?), and are onto the wrapping stage.

This week we featured a selection of wrapping goodies in Pretty Cool, our weekly all-pictures newsletter. There's a new theme every week, and this week we showcased 13 things from the site along that theme.

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Crocheted miniatures by Suami

The Pug!  The tiny little Pug!  The mini dragon!  *squeals*

These tiny crocheted creatures are adorable!  Japanese crochet wizards, Suami, have just about made my eyeballs explode from the teensy cuteness that is their work.

I’m a clumsy oaf, so once I got beyond the awesomeness, I struggled to get beyond the skill.  I make even tying shoelaces look rubbish, so I find myself staring at my hands, wondering how ON EARTH someone could produce something like this, and then on such a small scale.

Hi five Suami.

Buy some of their itty-bitty animals over at their Etsy store, and send us pics.  Only you have to buy more than one.  They have to have friends - they’re too sweet to be lonely.

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