Copenhagen's Tietgen College in dorm rooms

Now here’s a college setup that students can truly be excited about living at! The dorms at Tietgen College in Copenhagen are something truly unique, beautiful and special and have been acknowledged as such with a string of awards that they’ve received.

They’re designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg and it’s clear from the pictures that every detail has been considered to make students feel comfortable and happy. Not only is everything cleverly laid out (the circular shape means that every apartment is outward facing) and configured, but they have also paid attention to small details such as the postboxes and washing machines, adding in splashes of brightness.

I’ve always wondered actually how much of a difference a student’s surroundings make on their ability to study. I’d like to see the results from this college compared to other more typical (and oppressive!) college dorms.

Seen on CasaSugar.

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