Ox + Monkey collaborations

Spotted at the IDS West (along with Chris Perron who we've blogged about before), was the work of design and fabrication duo, Ox + Monkey.  Founded by Jeremy Clement (Monkey) and Kez Sherwood (Ox), they collaborate on projects such as “high quality aluminum bicycle trailers, furniture, custom metal fabrication and art projects.”  They work with builders, designers, artists and homeowners.

As for their name, according to Chinese astrology, if both the Ox and the Monkey can co-operate, the result will be a fun and formidable team - a goal I feel they have definitely reached!  With Kez being an artist and designer, and Jeremy having a strong engineering and fabrication background, a dynamic, creative and highly capable team is really the only result.

Check out their website, to keep an eye on their projects… That’s where my eyes will be firmly planted.

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