Christain Faur

Christian Faur's photo-realistic crayon art (it's not what you think)

Who doesn’t love a little crayon art! Ok, to be fair, I don’t think anything I ever did with a crayon could quite compare to what Christian Faur has done. These photo-realistic artworks created all with crayons, and only crayons, border on unbelievable.

The Forgotten Children body of work is incredible, and the artist explains that:

This experimental series of blurred children portraits focuses on images of children as anonymous individuals. The final images are littered with common names of children rendered in “crayonAlphabet” color. The anonymity of these individuals is reflected in both the technique and the written text that is being used in each individual frame as a face without a name is only a fiction of an individual. One of the faces used in the series is a self portrait of myself as a child, rendered in the same style and with the same set of random common names, to appear similar in every to the other portraits, one portrait among the many.

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