Hello Pretty's Birthday!

Hello Pretty's Birthday on

We had a birthday in December! We celebrated our public launch in the best way possible - with cake and nice people. (that's all you really want from life you know?) In terms of birthdays, it can get pretty complicated. There's the birth of the idea, the birth of the team, the birth of site itself (our private beta launch), and then the day we opened our metaphorical doors to the general public with our out of beta launch. So all in all, this tiny baby company has been around for three years, and is not such a baby anymore. (I feel like company years should actually work like dog years. We did a lot of learning during that time!)

Hello Pretty's Birthday on
Hello Pretty's Birthday on

Let me tell you, we're so proud of this cool thing we've built. People told us we were crazy, told us we were wrong, predicted that we were doomed to fail - and there we were, three years down the line, shoving cake in our faces.

Our success is reliant on the success of our sellers - the more we help South African small busineses thrive, the more we thrive. As Sam has said on occassion, we're like a pyramid scheme, but awesome!

There's no way to fully describe how satisfying it is to be able to help entrepreneurs grow - I wake up every morning feeling filled with purpose, and am incredibly grateful for that (Although it turns out that skipping around town delivering cupcakes is pretty satisfying too!)

Hello Pretty's Birthday on
Hello Pretty's Birthday on

Thank you all for your amazing and overwhelming support - to the buyers, the sellers, the bloggers, the magazines, the long suffering friends - we wouldn't be here without you all. We well and truly love each and every one of you for enabling us to do what we love.

Now I need to go before I get downright emotional. Hearts and puppies and kittens and stuff.

A Friday probably doesn't get much better than this

I'll be honest - I wasn't at my best this morning. At noon I was still in my PJs, staring with tears in my eyes at my inbox, and on my 3rd cup of coffee.

And then, something amazing happened. My tears of anguish turned to tears of joy. Because this was brought right up to my door by what I can only assume was an angel:

That is right. A box of cupcakes. Twelve, to be specific.

Had I been in a more presentable state (read: looking less like I might be a skollie) I would have given her an enormous hug. And then I would have caught her and kept her in my kitchen forever. Ok, I don't mean that really. I'm not usually that creepy.

It was beautifully packaged with great attention to detail, and complete with beautiful little heart-handled spoons and the hand-written note above.

Turns out that there was in fact an answer to the question "Why?" surrounding this cakescapade. Cupcake Richard has a campaign called Cake Bomb. How is works is, you nominate someone who you feel makes Cape Town a little bit nicer, with a little motivation, and Lee nominated me!

I'm so touched, and so excited. This is such a neat, good-vibe campaign.

And for anyone wondering, those cupcakes are as good as they look. You should keep an eye on Cupcake Richard and if you know someone who you believes makes Cape Town a little bit nicer, go on and nominate them.

Thank you Cupcake Richard, and thank you Lee <3

(I had an espresso with my cupcake - and for anyone wondering, my espresso cup is from Cabo Collaboration.)

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