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Our Bow Peep Studio Visit

Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -

Recently two of Team Hello Pretty set up camp at the sparkly new Bow Peep studio for a day - we were able to peek behind the curtain, and catch a glimpse of where and how the magic happens:

Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -

We were greeted by a rainbow world of beautiful patterns and toasted cheese sammiches - it's always so amazing to see the work that goes into the amazing products that we're lucky enough to be exposed to. It's something really special.

And naturally we both walked out with newly purchased goodies!

Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -
Bow Peep Studio Visit -

Many thanks to Leila for welcoming us with open arms - it was such a fun day.

To treat yourself to some Bow Peep treats, pop over to the Bow Peep Hello Pretty store right over here:

Win with Hello Pretty and Bow Peep! (Closed)

Go Bow Peep, it's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday...and we're also giving away awesome stuff!


The brilliant Bow Peep turns 3 this month - which means three years of you guys supporting a super talented local designer. To say thanks, we've got a giveaway with some his 'n' hers action going - so fellas, no need to feel left out.

Here's what's happening:

  • Girls can win a pair of Bow Peep's signature button earrings, as well as a set of three mini button paper clips, a large button paper clip, and a set of four button magnets.
  • Guys can win a dapper pre-tied bow tie, and a pocket square (chicks dig it).

How do you get in on this action, you may ask? Easy as pie peep.

  • Like Bow Peep, and Hello Pretty or Hello Man on Facebook
  • Enter yourself by leaving a comment on this post
  • Or, nominate who you think should win which prize by tagging their name in a comment! (You can nominate as many people as you like - one name per comment.)
  • Get an extra entry by tweeting at @ShopBowPeep and @HelloPrettySA or @HelloManSA and tagging your friend on Twitter

Happy happy birthday Bow Peep! Sorry we made you give us presents - but drinks are on us.

Entries close at midnight on Thursday 27th March. Please note that Hello Pretty's standard competition Ts and Cs apply.

Winners of The Dapper Pack & bonus prize: Lize & Darrin

Amid much anticipation and fanfare yesterday, the winners of The Dapper Pack and the bonus prize from Savior Brand Co, were announced!

These incredible prizes were sponsored by the following fantastic Hello Pretty designers:

The Dapper Pack was won by: Lize Hartley / @lizetheunicorn

The bonus prize was won by: Darrin Thomas / @Dazza_J

Congratulations you two! We hope that you enjoy your phenomenally fancy new handmade things.

And the bonus:

Winner of The Launchbox: Ilze!

Well, as promised, yesterday was Hello Pretty’s launch day, and today we drew the winner of The Launchbox. And so sure enough, that’s what we’re doing! A hearty congratulations Ilze! We hope you have a tonne of fun with your wonderful new goodies.

In case you don’t remember: there are R2 400 worth of things from 8 of our top designers that Ilze has won, in our biggest and most important celebration to date:

We’ll be getting in touch with you in a bit Ilze. And in a few hours, we will be announcing the winner of the fantastic promotion for the guys in collaboration with the What My Boyfriend Wore blog.

The Launchbox

Sounds pretty damn cool right? Want to know what’s in it that makes it worth 2 400 sweet South African rands? Sure you do:

What’s the occasion, you ask? We’re glad you did, because it’s kind of a big deal to us. On the 1st December, after a lot of late nights and enough coffee to jumpstart a rocketship, Hello Pretty is officially launching! And since we couldn’t have done it without your help, we have put together a Launchbox o’ swag which could be yours!

To Enter:

Buy anything from Hello Pretty (gift vouchers also count!), before the 2nd of December. You’ll get one entry per item purchased. Anyone who’s ever bought anything on the site in its entire history will also be entered. We’ll be choosing a winner on the 2nd December.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell that random guy you always have that awkward moment with in the hallway. And when you’re done, don’t forget to make a stop here.

Pretty Personal with Leila Badsha from Bow Peep

Leila Badsha started Bow Peep in early 2011, with a focus on whimsical handmade stationery and accessories. You’ve probably spotted many a Cape Town gal wearing her button earrings and rings; and if you see a dapper gent wearing a bow tie - one he tied himself, natch - chances are, it’s one of Leila’s.

We caught up with her recently:

  1. Hello Leila! So, who are you exactly?
    I’m from Cape Town - I studied at UCT, and after graduating I did a couple of internships. I really hated being an intern so I started Bow Peep because I was so bored sitting around all day at a desk working on Excel. Bow Peep started to take off so I quit my internship and decided to work for myself full time.
  2. We hear you. Death by spreadsheet - no thanks! Can you tell us about the wonderful things Bow Peep makes?
    Bow Peep is about whimsical accessories and stationery that won’t break the bank. All the products are handmade, and almost all have an element of fabric in them.
  3. What makes you tick?
    I really love fabric and every time I find new fabric it inspires me to make new products. Sometimes just wandering around fabric shops inspires new designs. I tend to come up with new products ether late at night, or when I am really busy on an order and don’t actually have the time to start something new. I also love stationery so I had to add that to my range.
  4. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Did any of these flashes of inspiration turn into something we should know about?
    I have started working in silver so you can possibly expect a small silver Bow Peep collection. I have already made some silver button necklaces, and will hopefully come up with more soon. I am also trying to make more things for guys - I am planning on making cuff links but its taking a while…
  5. We can’t wait! So, last question: Ever lost any sheep? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)
    Hahaha, my friends and my family think I have lost the plot sometimes. I think they think I’m a bit mad but I think you have to be a bit mad to work for yourself.
We couldn’t agree more - just look at Team Hello Pretty ;)
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