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Samantha Y. Huang was born in 1985, in Changhua, Taiwan. She began studying business upon graduation from high school, but decided working in an office was not for her and quit after one semester. She subsequently moved to Vancouver, Canada where she studied English and began to take an interest in the Arts.

“In my art practice, I use mediums that have a strong relationship with people’s creative art productions: books, crayons, coloured pencils, paper, and acrylic paint. This is intended to portray the awareness of mediums as themselves through a sense of touch and lead the audience to reconsider the relationship among mediums, creators, and audience. The art pieces are as accessible for touching as the mediums being experienced initially by the artist. 

I believe that the messages of mediums /ideas/concept cannot be received fully by sense of sight alone. Many hidden characteristics can only be unfolded by other human senses. I would like to invite my audience to explore the experience and interact with my artwork by using sense of touch. The experience of art provides more feelings and understandings when it has a multi-sensory approach.” - Samantha Y.Huang

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