Smith & Boyd's Zero Degrees - The Hottest New Trend!

All Smith & Boyd’s pictures are undoubtedly captivating. They somehow elicit a strong emotional connection, like you’ve been there yourself, either peering through the lens, or as the subject itself. Their Zero Degrees project is no different. Flowers and other organic matter are frozen into blocks and dropped into various water sources, allowing the ice to crack and burst, releasing the encapsulated artwork as it slowly melts away. Not only are these pictures different and thought provoking, but they are downright beautiful to boot.

We had a chat with Bruce Boyd to find out a bit more.

HP: How long have you been working on this project?
BB: We have been working on the project for more than a year now. Our first image was shot in May last year when I accidentally dropped an ice-block with frozen flowers into a swimming pool.

HP: What inspires the different creations you and Tharien Smith make?
BB: Tharien is inspired by water and nature. She likes what flowers represent: passion, love, gratitude, innocence, etc. I grew up with massive flower arrangements in our house at all times. My mother used to put them together and my father used to paint them. All our walls were adorned with my father’s creations. I guess I am walking in my father’s footsteps using my own tools for creation.

HP: Which are your of your favourite pieces, and why?
BB: Tharien's favourite is the bones. She is fascinated by archeology. My favourite piece is not part of the prints collection(yet). It features decaying cosmos flowers half submerged in an oily puddle. I love the decay and the elements of pollution combined with the last shreds of beauty from the wilting flowers.

HP: You drop your creations into different kinds of water sources. What are the different reactions and affects this creates?
BB: The ice reacts to the temperature of the water and then either cracks in interesting ways or sometimes just melts slowly. We have used a wide range of puddles and pools depending on where we are at the time and what is closest. My favourite is a little stream in Betty's Bay that we used extensively during the summer. The water was shallow enough so that you could see the stream bed and it became part of the picture. I also like swimming pools for the intense blueness that sometimes contrast beautifully with the flowers.

HP: What is your greatest aspiration with regard to your artworks? 
BB: My artworks are usually just stepping stones for something else that could momentarily satisfy my need to create something interesting. I aspire to have a life filled with projects that make me want to get up early in the morning or stay up late at night. It would be great if they could become self-sustainable so that I would not have to do the mundane things that pay the bills anymore.
HP: Is there anything that you wouldn't encapsulate in ice and photograph? Why not?
BB: Nothing comes to mind. We love playing and experimenting with different objects and textures.
These remarkable images evoke a sense of longevity, while simultaneously reminding us of the fragility of life. Pretty neat stuff. Even better – they’re currently on sale! Go have a gander, and a bout of existentialism here:

Nando's Accidental Art Instawalk

Nando's Accidental Art Instawalk

I was super excited to receive an invitation from to join the Nando's Accidental Art instawalk last week Friday. Like, suuuper excited. I had seen hints and hastags all over the interwebz leading up to it, and was keen to throw on some walking shoes, meet some cool people, and get to know my new city a bit better (for those of you that aren't aware, I'm a Durban girl who threw caution to the wind and moved to Cape Town with one suitcase and a box of books).

Alas, it was not meant to be. I had my best walking shoes on, I had thrown on sunscreen and all my devices were fully charged - and then I collided rather impressively with a door frame. After a very audible crack, I was gifted with two broken toes and a fractured baby foot bone, an hour before the walk was due to start. Devastated much?

However, lovely Melissa from Between 10 and 5 kept me well in the loop, and sent me all the photos afterwards, so I was totally there in spirit. And then Ads and I had Nando's for dinner, because, well, Friday, and I had just broken my foot.

Nando's Accidental Art Instawalk
Nando's Accidental Art Instawalk
Nando's Accidental Art Instawalk

I highly recommend taking a time out to watch the videos - the behind the scenes footage of how it all came together is just amazing.

Nando's Accidental Art Instawalk
Nando's Accidental Art Instawalk

I'm thoroughly smitten by all the artworks - they're so lovely and interactive. Perfect for public consumption!

Read more about the project here, as well as on the World Design Capital website over here.

Nando's Accidental Art Instawalk
Nando's Accidental Art Instawalk

Stunning right? I love this city. *pats back*

PS. Any hints and tips on how to push my foot through a pants hole without sounding as though I've been shot can be left in the comments section.

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