Ethical accessories and a story: We All Share Roots

Hello everyone! I’m Elise, the founder of WeAllShareRoots (ethical handbags). I’m French but based in Cape Town since 2014 and locked down at home, in Tamboerskloof, with my husband and two girls, a 3-year old and a 5-month old, due to Covid-19.

I grew up in Paris but, by moving to Cape Town, I discovered that I am much more a nature-lover than a city-girl… or I’m probably a mix of both! I’m totally in love with South Africa, and this is actually why I decided to create my ethical brand: working with the townships, bringing income and skills where they are highly needed, and promoting Cape Town vibe and fashion, is somehow my way to give back to this amazing country.

And I think we can also say that I’m a colour and accessory lover. Have a look to our bags and you’ll get a sense of it! There is nothing I like more than a smart casual outfit enhanced by a unique, colourful, unexpected accessory. Bags are ideal for that, you can be so creative and show a glimpse of your unique personality with it!

WeAllshareRoots offers a variety of handcrafted bags, all of them created in limited editions. From the beach bag to the clutch, all our items are locally designed and handmade. We try our best to be as ethical as possible.

For example, for the sewing and the assembly of the bags, we work with a small CMT, based in SeaWinds / Lavender Hill. These underprivileged communities suffer from unemployment and gangsterism. By bringing them work and enabling our seamstresses to work from their home, we help them to take care of their families and put bread on the table. We also help them to grow, get new machines, prospect new clients, etc. Our success has to be theirs.

Also in 2018, we decided to launch a 100% vegan range, made out of Piñatex (a natural leather alternative made from pineapple leaf fibres). This new and innovative material is intended to be a sustainable alternative to the mass production of leather and pollutants, thus enabling a responsible choice for a better future. Made from natural wastes, with a low water use and reduced waste production, this material does not contain any harmful or animal chemicals. We are very proud of the result and are in love with our colourful and mindful range of vegan clutches!

In the current context, we are more convinced than ever that the future belongs to ethical, small, human-oriented brands. And we count on everybody’s support to make it true.

The venture started in 2016… I cannot believe that it will be soon our 4th anniversary! Creating a brand from scratch, with no similar experience before, is such a challenge. I have done most of the work by myself and I am now lucky to have the help of a tiny team (we’re two, plus an intern!). It is difficult to be on everything, but you have to. Producing means purchasing materials, looking for the best suppliers and options, spending time designing, explaining processes to the production team, overseeing quality etc. And once you have your product, the work is not over, you need to sell it! For this part, Hello Pretty is such a huge help, offering an online and user-friendly platform!

Also, in the four years of WeAllShareRoots, I had two pregnancies and two babies… I guess that I am a good example of a "mumtrepreneur"! It is hard to find the good balance but having two little girls gives me more motivation even to do good, to help other working mothers in the townships, to teach my kids to be mindful human beings and to show them that women can do anything as good as men! 😉

There are a lot of highs and lows in a professional life and probably even more when you’re driving your own business. Thankfully, I almost never have complaints about my products (top quality is one of our core objectives) but I can be very sensitive with anything going wrong with my business. Actually, I have learnt to not over-react, to put my emotions aside and to "digest" before taking any action. On the other hand, there is nothing I appreciate more than a positive comment, a like on a post or sweet feedback from a customer. We handle every single order, we handwrite the names of our customer, we always wonder if they ordered for a special occasion or how they found us… We are just so happy when we receive a message after our shipment was received!

I saw once a quote saying “when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance”, this is SO true!

I would recommend to anyone willing to sell on Hello Pretty to curate pictures and descriptions. It is important to think about your customer experience. Buying online is not always easy, you need to get a sense of the size, the materials etc. It is crucial to try to bring the maximum of information to those you are on your eshop, it will help them to make up their minds and better understand your offer.

And because we know that this Coronavirus crisis is hitting hard on everyone’s finances and mood, we decided to offer 10% discount on certain items during the lockdown and for some time after. We will also be helping our dear seamstresses giving them back 5% of all online sales from Hello Pretty. They also need all our support and help in these difficult times.

Stay home, stay safe and take care of yourselves, beautiful people.

Hello Pretty local designer items on sale in December!

'Tis the season to get baking, and we're doing just that with these sweet cookie cutters from The Cookie Cutter Co!

They're only R38, and come in tonnes of shapes. Click here to browse The Cookie Cutter Co range of every cookie cutter shape your heart could dream of.

Pictured above, we have some really pretty earrings for you that are on a limited-time special now:

LeftGeometric Circular Earrings. SALE! R350 (was R450). By Natasha Wood Jewellery.
MiddleSquare Gilt Tube StudsSALE! R175 (was R250). By SMITH Jewellery.
RightPottery Half-Circle EarringsSALE! R196 (was R230). By The Matchy Matchy Collection.

LeftWaterproof Beach Bag SALE! R670 (was R790). By We All Share Roots.
Top rightTwo Stackable Wine Racks. SALE! R320 (was R380). By Bokke & Blomme.
Bottom rightDiagonal Frame Lamp. SALE! R340 (was R380). By Folksy Fine.

And finally, the four pretties in the image above are:

Top left: Designer Wooden Handbag. SALE! R580 (was R680). By Designer Wooden Bags.
Top right: Rise Alarm Clock. SALE! R1 314 (was R2 190). By Shibby Beats.
Bottom left: Sterling Silver Circle Studs. SALE! R500 (was R580). By Jessica Jane Jewellery.
Bottom right: The Daphne Scatter Cushion Cover. SALE! R275 (was R325). By Harper Lily Design.

We hope you find something beautiful! Enjoy your weekend, pretty shoppers 🌷
Sam xx

Happy Spring 2020 from Hello Pretty 🌻

For us, spring is blossoms, flowers & greenery, vibrance in fashion and decor, and explosions of colour everywhere. So this week, we've got a bit of that for you. We love these locally-made items and we hope you do too. 

Remember, any of these items you purchase are coming directly from the hands of the people who make them. There's no better way to #supportsmall and #lovezabuyza.

Enjoy! 🌷

Here's three pairs of earrings from Heuningblom's Spring range. We love them all! You'll definitely want to go browse her shop because she has piles of beauties at very affordable prices.

LeftSpring Dangle Earrings 09 - R100.
MiddleSpring Dangle Earrings 05 - R110.
RightSpring Dangle Earrings 16 - R100.

LeftMonstera Leaf Wall Printable. SALE! R70 (was R100).
Made by Papaya Paradise.

Top rightBotanical Fynbos Face Mask. R95.
Made by CoralBloom.

Bottom rightHalf Round Spring Colours Pendant. R450.
Made by dor&kie jewellery objects.


Top LeftEthereal Botanicals Print (A1). R1 300.
Made by Sonny Mo Arts.

Bottom LeftPeach & Maroon Flower Crown. SALE!! R199 (was R299).
Made by Black Eyed Susan.

RightSpring Blossom Towel. SALE! R450 (was R480).
Made by Design Butter.


Left: .Flower Power EarringsSALE! R550 (was R650).
2-in-1 beauties: wear them like in the picture or slip off the flowers and wear them as hoops. Made by La Mae.

RightBotanical Africa Necklace. R500.
A collaboration range between Jessica Jane Jewellery and Hallo Jane.

We're OPEN FOR BUSINESS during COVID-19 lockdown! Some need-to-know info

It's bad enough that we're worried for ours and our loved ones' health, wellbeing, livelihood and whether or not we'll have toilet paper - we don't want you to lose your online shopping too!

Hello Pretty is business as usual, but remember: we're an online marketplace, not an online shop, just the same as Bidorbuy. When you buy something on Hello Pretty, you're buying directly from the person who makes what you've ordered. We provide the platform so that small independent businesses can sell their things to you.

By using Hello Pretty to buy directly from the creative talent whose hands are actually making what you buy, you're supporting a small business, and probably a little family. You're also supporting our own small business, Hello Pretty - we're an owner-run tiny team of 3 people and we want to keep doing what we love, which is to support other people doing what they love. Also: you do not need to don a mask and skulk down any aisles in fear, when you're shopping online.

So, as a shopper, here's the skinny: It's business as usual over here, but in order to not break the law, no orders will be shipped until we taste our glorious freedom from lockdown. So you should assume a minimum of a 3 to 4 week delay on receiving your order, over and above the existing shipping lead times that each seller has set.

We of course are here to protect you, should you run into any issues with your order post-lockdown. We are also communicating with our sellers and asking them to please be extra communicative with you. They and you will get one another's contact details when you place your order, so that you can be in touch with one another.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this very peculiar time, and thank you for supporting us and our sellers. Our team will be here to assist any customers or sellers who run into any issues.

Stay safe, and we love you all for sticking with us,

PS This situation is very fluid; pretty much everything is subject to change and we'll do our best to communicate if it does.

Unisex gifts for kids & babies 👶

Your baby's bedding should be as good as, or better than, your own, and we have the perfect option: the charcoal melange cot duvet set, made by Lola&Peach. Luxurious, soft, jersey knit. And at only R510 this one's a real winner if you're stuck for a gift. Also available in pink.

Not everyone wants to go the classic blue-for-boys, pink-for-girls route for their little ones. Or maybe you're shopping for a gift for a friend who's keeping their baby's gender a surprise. On Hello Pretty you'll find a boat-load of quality, unique options suitable for any baby or child,  so prepare yourself for an exciting browse-athon!

Our featured designer for today is Ruby Stitches Baby & Kids Decor. They have an adorable range of wall hangings for kids. We've featured their more neutral ones here, but they have in a whole variety of colours and styles (and animals!). One of our favourites is their rainbow wall hanging, which you get personalised with a child's name.

LeftButtons Bear wall hanging (personalised) - R440.
MiddleSnuggles Bunny wall hanging (personalised) - R440.
RightCuddles Bear wall hanging (personalised) - R440.

LeftCotton Teepee. R1 200. Made by Willow and Wolfe.
Kids adore a hideaway.

Top rightPom Pom Crib Blanket. R800. Made by Baby Couture.
All handmade, 100% cotton and it comes in three colour options.

Bottom rightFace Rug. R995. Made by My Little Sunshine.
We love this for a nursery playmat.

Top leftTwo-Rex Second Birthday Tee. R170. Little Lion Cub Boutique.
A terrific tee for the terrible twos!

Bottom leftNatural Baby Balm. R170 (was R180). Made by Le Naturel.
With tea tree, buchu and lavender oils.

RightKoala Onesie. R750. Made by Afreaka Clothing.
We all have koalas on our minds at the moment. 🐨

LeftTriblox 18cm Photo Blocks. R200.
Photoblox has loads of options for printing photos onto thick pine plywood.

RightRawrsome Dinosaur Cupcake Kit. R220.
What kid wouldn't want to create cupcakes looking like these little guys? Made by Annie's Baking Club.


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