Blissful Bath & Body

Blissful, based in Cape Town is commited to creating bath and body products using only the finest Organic oils and homegrown herbs. Our products are created with love and you in mind. Fragrances are carefully combined to alleviate stress, detox or just to soak in all the goodness. No artificial colourants and harmful toxins are used. We focus not only on your skin but make bath and grooming time an event to be cherished and enjoyed. At present we have created bath bombs to target certain aches or ailments. Our product line is expanding in January 2018 to include scrubs, soaks, soaps and balms.


Order Processing: 

Orders  will be shipped within 3-5 days of placing your order.We want to be absolutely certain that the product you receive is of the highest standard and quality.All our products are freshly handmade, please when placing large orders let us know in advance as we do not hold large amounts of stock on hand and this may take a little longer.

Refund & Return Policy:

Our products are made with love and care, and packed to ensure your receive them in perfect condition, however due to their fragile nature we cannot be held responsible if apon receipt products are broken. Please let us know if you do receive such an order so that we may improve our packaging for your next Blissful order    If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please contact Blissful within 10 days of receipt. A Refund or replacement will be issued if you have an acceptable and valid reason. Your queries should be forwarded to [ email hidden ].

Delivery Policy:

Delivery time is minimum 3 - 5 days dependent on size of order.

We do deliver to the Post Office. But prefer to use Post Net for our orders Blissful does however prefer clients to arrange collection of orders via their own couriers.


Blissful is not liable for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient.

Remember to read our labels and ingredients lists carefully and follow the appropriate directions for use.

If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction.

If you have any allergies please read the product label carefully.

We recommend that people with sensitive skin perform a patch test first to ensure there is no reaction.Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

These contents are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.