Notice from Belli’s: Hey Lovely, How are you doing today? Wanna take a peek at what we have in store today?

Belli's is a vegetarian and vegan friendly brand that produces cruelty free and animal free products. Our products are hand-made with love and care and is not mass produced. We use organic materials ro produce our products and make sure that it can accomedate all racial groups. 

Return Policies 

  • If there is a problem with the stock please notify within 24 hours. 

  • All stock is carefully packaged, any breakages will be handled with the couriers

  • Courier fees may apply


  • All items (except Clay Studs) take 3-6 working days to be delivered. 

  • Clay Ear Studs take 7-10 working days to be delivered. 

  • All stock is sent via courier and to your door.

  • Courier fees will apply to the buyer

  • No international deliveries 


  • Pasta needs to be consumed withing four months from purchase.