Bad Dog Silver

Welcome to Bad Dog Silver where our passion is Cool Silver Jewellery, I trust you will enjoy your experience with us.

I draw my inspiration from different influences including Tattoo Flash, the Art and Symbolism of the Native American, African and Polynesian Tribes as well as good old Rock 'n Roll/Biker jewellery not to mention an odd dash of Religious iconography. 

My work is hand either hand made or hand carved in wax and then reproduced using the ancient Lost Wax process and finally hand finished to retain the detail and Custom feel. No computer generated pieces and mass production processes here, every piece passes through my hands and because of this each piece will be unique and have that Old School hand crafted vintage look.

Live life, be cool.

James Doran



For now I will be using Postnet as a standard shipping option for clients within South Africa and postal services for international clients. Courier services are optional for international as well as local clients, if you would like this option please email me for a quote.

Shipping Time:

Delivery will be anything from 3 to 10 days on stock items, although this will depend on work pressure. Custom orders could possibly take longer and this would be discussed in the design brief.

Custom orders:

I am very happy to do full on custom make ups or if you would like one of my stock items tweaked a bit to express your uniqueness ;-). The same goes for club rings and corperate gifts as well, all are welcome. I have a stash of interesting stones and can source most materials if need be.

I do however have the right to refuse a job if I feel that It is not technically viable, that the quality will be compremised for whatever reason or that I feel that it will be unethical, promotes hate speech etc. Be lekker ;-)


Currently my pendants are hung on a high quality waxed leather thong and finished off with a custom silver clasp. This comes in a standard length of 54cms but can be made longer at no extra cost to suit you. Please state your length when ordering. I will soon be offering silver chains as an option in a couple of popular lengths :-)

Ring Sizes:

I am going to have to feel my way around this one but for now I will be offering my standard skull rings from size O to Size Z+6, smaller rings such as Funky and Bowtie will be available in smaller sizes K - W.

Please expect slight distortion, if a skull ring gets sized a few sizes bigger the skull will appear a bit broader and vice versa. It is hardly noticable, but hey, I'm a bit pedantic and feel you should be aware of this.


I personally prefer an oxidised vintage finish as I feel that it compliments the brand, I do however underatand that this is not to everyones taste and therefore offer the option of a polished finish if requested.

Metal options:

All items are in Non-tarnish Silver however they can be availble in Gold on request, please contact me for more info.