Aurea Jewellery Design

Handmade Sterling silver and brass jewellery by Maryke Bester. I love creating classic, timeless pieces, specialising in creating unique jewellery from scratch. I especially love making jewellery for geek- and nostalgic hearts.

Nothing beats making a technically perfect robot from a kids show you used to love. I enjoy designing fun and nostalgic jewellery as a subtle throwback that also just works as a great piece of jewellery. For someone unfamiliar with the show or game, it just looks like an interesting piece of jewellery. They wouldn’t know, but YOU KNOW and that’s all that matters.

So please feel free to browse our inventory for the items you would like to wear into battle. If you can't find the droid you are looking for, I would love to fire up my Dwarven forge and craft one for you and of course, magical enchantments are free.