Art From Adventures

Out in the wilderness is where I love to run and play and that is where my inspiration for my illustrations comes from.



Diane Shearer specialises in hand-drawn landscape illustrations, and made-to-order commissions of your travels. Each artwork is individually hand drawn and supplied in a printable manner for multiple applications such as stickers for your hiking bottles, magnets and postacrds. 

I aim to create art that fellow nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can relate to and enjoy.

These illustrations come from fans that have travelled to these places and wanted a little momento.

Contact me for collaborations or commissions.

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  • All prints are originally hand drawn and printed on high quality fine art 280 gsm paper.

  • Unfortunately Diane Shearer cannot be held liable for any damage or loss from couriers.

  • Delivery to anywhere in South Africa

  • This product typically ships in 3-5 working days.

  • Courier is 2 - 5 days depending on address.

  • Contact me for landscape commissions - [ email hidden ]