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Annie's Baking Club


Annie’s Baking Club was created for our daughter Anastasia, a little girl who brought and continues to bring a tremendous amount of love and happiness into our lives. Nothing matters more to us than our family, and as a close knit Greek family one of our biggest loves after our family is of course food! Annie’s Baking Club was born out of our love for baking, sharing and bonding with our family.

I wanted Annie to develop a natural love for baking and cooking, as many of my happiest memories involved hours spent in the kitchen with my mom or gran, but after working tirelessly in the bakery all week, it’s often the last thing we think of doing at home. My dream was to create baking kits and a subscription club that will make it easier for moms and little ones to bake sweet memories and delicious bakes in the kitchen, and of course, it also gives me the opportunity to create those memories with Annie!

I hope one day Annie will remember these special moments and that the smell of cookies baking in the oven will fill her heart with loving memories.

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