African Ceramics

Notice from African Ceramics: Because each individual item is handmade, variations will exist.

Unique products are being made by a dedicated group of people with Meshack Masuku as their leader.  The products are handmade and thus all have their own special flair.  No one item will be exactly similar.

The ceramics range boasts with a huge variety of items which include:  Coffee mugs, tea sets, platters, sugar bowls, butter dishes, pots and many more!  Items can also be made to your specification and can come in any of the available colours.

Pots for the garden is also available to give your piece of heaven an extra special African flair.

By buying any item from this range, you are contributing to a community project which is empowering youth with skills and knowledge to create their own businesses.

Please provide the colour and design you would like on your product.

Colours include:  Green, blue, grey, yellow, white, eggshell, red, orange.

Designs include:  Nguni cow (traditional), elephant, rhino, lion, hippo, giraffe, leopard & spirals.

Price excludes shipping.

Orders will be shipped after proof of payment is received.

Delivery will take up to one week.

Shipping via Postnet to Postnet, tracking number will be provided and SMS sent once order has arrived at your nearest Postnet.

All items are very fragile and will be securely wrapped.

Pieces can take up to 2 weeks to complete as it is hand made indivudually.


Unfortunately no returns.


Please email [ email hidden ] for any queries or concerns.