Accessories by Natalia Alexandrova

Exclusive handmade bespoke wedding/ fashion accessories:

• Flowers • Hats • Jewelry • Masks • Garters

• Brooches • Garment decorations

• Jabots • Fans • Bouquets • Bags • Veils

These accessories are completely unique as each one is actually handmade from start to finish.

The perforations to create the lace-effect is done manually by hand (not laser-cut).

The items on display are available, but I am also prepared to consult with any client to create

a completely personalised and unique design for you. Whether it's a beautiful necklace,

hat or garment decoration.

So feel free to contact me with your ideas and we can work together

to create something really special!

I would like to collaborate with more fashion designers,

boutiques and wedding suppliers to help them with creations

for their own clients and customers.

I am also available for consultation to any individuals who would

like something unique for special occasions such as metric dances,

masked balls and weddings. I can do any monograms or logos on men's,

or women's scarves, ties, handkerchiefs, or clothing.

I can also do other perforated patterns of any complexity on clothing

or other synthetic fabrics of any kind.

I have a very wide range of beautiful and decorative designs.

Mission: Creation the new unique products.

For more information & pics you welcome to:

[ link hidden ]/nataliaalexandrova.rsa

[ link hidden ]/masks_accessories/  

PROMO Video:

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I appreciate your attention.

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