Hello Pretty is South Africa's top designer marketplace. It is also your new favourite place on the internet.

It's where you buy high-quality design that's made right here in Mzansi. Hello Pretty was founded in early 2012 by a couple of friends.

Throughout our travels, we realised that there's one thing that's universally appreciated: Great design. We're constantly amazed and inspired by the incredible things being created in South Africa, and we felt there needed to be some way for people to connect with it on a larger scale than their local market.

With backgrounds in software development, design, business, and advertising, the logical next step was for us to build something wonderful, where you could buy something wonderful. The result was Hello Pretty; and we hope you'll love it as much as we do!

We also have to say a special thank-you to our extremely talented friend Warrick Guest for doing our amazing logo and making us look so good.


When they said dynamite comes in small packages, they were probably reading the warning label on Sam. The only thing more impressive than her shoe collection is her eye for design, and her dedication to UX. She's been building good-looking websites that work for almost a decade, for a long and illustrious list of clients. After a hard day of being awesome, she likes to relax by planning her next travel adventure, or buying more shoes (much to Scott's dismay).


Lovely Lee-Anne started out as an intern. We soon noticed that her enthusiasm is as boundless as her sense of style, and refused to let her leave. If she ever escapes us, she's headed for a career in interior design, where her dislike of the colour orange will stand her in good stead. In the meantime, she is kind enough to laugh at our jokes and be generally indispensable. Her myriad interests include analog books, digital media, and evangelising Durban.


Adeline is French, but she asks you not to hold that against her. A multilingual writer by trade, she's been working in media for over eight years, across every platform imaginable, and with dozens of local and international brands. She spends her days wooing the written word; her nights ravishing it; and she always calls the next day. Her free time is spent indulging her penchants for strong coffee and weak jokes, and learning new languages.


As our resident software whisperer, Scott's the builder round these parts - but we're pretty inclined to give him a wolf-whistle instead of the other way round. (Sorry ladies, he's taken.) Over the last ten years, he's been involved in web development, technical operations and system administration for several startups, and has yet to meet a line of code he couldn't tame. In his spare time, he rides a motorbike and engages in beer snobbery and everything to do with espresso.


Thanks for taking the time to get to know us - if you have any questions, comments, or proposals (indecent or otherwise), feel free to drop us a line.

Until then, happy shopping!