Greetings, and Welcome! 

A quick introduction to your welcoming stumble on 78Dezign (with a 'Z' yes) Hello Pretty web store. Self-trained and developed Graphic Designer with strong Fine Art background, inspired by Dad growing up, watching his every move in his workshop making and baking almost anything. These collective interests transpired to a very fond love of processing processed life giving timber into objects of Delight for Sight, Non-edible Collectibles to Functionally Mechanically. Breaking away from the Corporate 'non-stick pritt', the dream to evolve in this Craft, to produce a satisfactory smile and glaring eye to whomever take the opportunity to own a Proud Masterpiece crafted by 78Dezign. Serving clients from General Household, Small Business to Events Companies, anything interesting, nothing is impossible. From a small and unique Compact Travel table to drooling shop fitting,  proudly ever-growing builds born in "the Cave". 

Make your way through the gallery and find treasure to add to your surroundings... 

- Nature's Guarantee: Any species of timber is formulated and born of earth and cannot be bound by any human promise or guarantee  to it's existence or lifespan. A 6month workmanship is however guaranteed.

- Be the Wise: These creations are not bath toys and recommend caring for them on land and preferably indoors - In  Plain term: Depending on the desired finish, the wood is lightly treated with a natural oil or wax on completion and should not be used as construction tool or pool-noodle.

- Manufacturing: From date of order 5-7 days (product dependent) plus 2-3 days to allow for curing and depending on quantity and finishing preference.

- Finishing: A light coat of wax is standard part of manufacturing leaving a natural neutral finish, colour treated items may vary in colour as each colour is blended with artistic instinct unless pre mixed colour is purchased on special request.

- Deliveries: 78Dezign's Cave is geographically located on shore in the Western parts of Cape Town. Local deliveries can be arranged at an additional R50. National deliveries on specified courier service terms. 

- Defects: All items are handmade and material locally sourced, any faults or defect should be brought to our attention as soon as possible and will be assessed, repaired or replaced defect dependent.